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Quality Assurance Policy

ISN Solutions Ltd management is committed to and will actively promote and support the effective implementation of the company’s Business Management System (BMS) policies and activities. ISN Solutions Ltd scope of service includes:

“Delivery of bespoke ICT services, solutions and consultancy to Energy Industry Organisations.”

This is achieved by setting challenging goals through clearly defined objectives and performance standards within our BMS. It is our policy to develop, review, effectively implement and maintain a Quality Management System fully accredited to the ISO 9001:2015 standard to control our business activities, thereby ensuring that all goods or services supplied by us consistently conform to the highest standards.

With respect to Quality Assurance ISN Solutions Ltd will ensure that we:

  • Operate an ISO 9001:2015 compliant Quality Management System with defined accountability to individuals for compliance.
  • Engage, support and promote the collective application of the Management Systems in all business activity.
  • Provide suitable and sufficient training and instruction to all personnel that support achieving a quality deliverable in all activities.
  • Comply with statutory, regulatory and industry standards and requirements.
  • Pursue continuous improvement in delivery and performance by ensuring the risks and opportunities that can affect products and services are determined and addressed to enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Senior Management will implement continuous improvement by establishing and communicating realistic performance objectives.
  • Implement a robust Technical Competence Process.

ISN Solutions Ltd have adopted a process approach which is in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and will review its effectiveness at regular intervals as continued improvement is a primary management objective. Achievements against a formal developed Business Plan will be continuously monitored.

This policy is issued to clearly demonstrate the Management’s commitment to the implementation of the principles of this standard and the appointment of competent dedicated resources to ensure the company’s Management System is consistently effective. It is important that we all accept and embrace our defined responsibilities in this respect.

The implementation and maintenance of this policy statement is the responsibility of the Chief Executive and shall be clearly understood throughout the company.

David Greenwood, Chief Executive

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