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Flexible, Tailored and Personable

The founding philosophy of ISN Solutions was to provide a premium IT support service that addressed the poor returns businesses were receiving from their IT investment. Despite the years that have passed, this has not changed. We maintain committed to delivering a tailored service that values quality relationships over quantity of clients.

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Simple Service Model

Our service model is simple and transparent. Our clients clearly understand, in advance, exactly what level of service they will receive and exactly how much this will cost them.

In terms of support, an MSP like ISN Solutions will add little value to an unmonitored, reactive, break-fix arrangement, where response times are typically based on best-endeavours availability. For this reason, we only offer monitored and proactive managed service support to our clients, backed by committed and agreed service levels.

Our model gives our clients the assurance and comfort that their systems are being monitored 24/7 and unlimited support will always be available when needed - all for the price of a single, fixed monthly fee.

Managed Service Features

  • Designed around client needs
  • Unlimited proactive support
  • Single, fixed monthly fee
  • 24/7 infrastructure monitoring
  • Business hours and out-of-hours
  • Remote and on-site
  • Service level management/reporting
  • Third-party management
  • Scalable commercial structure (up or down)
  • Procurement and license management
  • Fixed rates for project workscopes

Managed Service Benefits

  • With fixed-fee, we are incentivised to deliver and maintain a stable and reliable IT environment
  • Committed SLA shifts the IT support focus towards perfecting service delivery
  • Clients only monitor the service ‘outputs’ (our SLA and KPI metrics), rather than manage the ‘inputs’ (resourcing, skills, costs)
  • No blurring of responsibilities or conflict between performing operational support tasks and project roll-outs
  • Clients can better control, predict and plan their IT costs, as well as access wider range of IT skill sets
  • Commercial framework can flex up or down as required, without changing workscopes or terms
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What differentiates ISN Solutions from other IT MSPs in our market?

  • Experience - serving the UK Energy Industry for over 20 years
  • Capability - established and proven MSP systems and tools
  • Expertise - in-house certified technical professionals
  • Locality - operations in London and Aberdeen
  • Certification - accredited to ISO standards for HSE and Quality
  • Scale - able to deliver and remain flexible with our service
  • Practical - accustomed to offshore and overseas/field work