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Celebrating a great first quarter and significant new business wins

15 Apr 2021

Leading IT solutions and services company, ISN Solutions, celebrates a great first quarter with significant new business wins in the energy and corporate sectors.

ISN Solutions has certainly experienced the demands and pressures of remote and challenging environments. With a rich heritage in partnering with companies in the energy sector, particularly oil & gas exploration and production (E&P) companies, who often operate offshore and in the harshest of conditions, the IT managed service provider (MSP) was well-prepared to meet rapidly evolving customer needs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some of the challenges that the corporate world now faces are similar to those historically experienced in the oil, gas and energy markets and, akin to building and maintaining resilient and secure IT infrastructure to connect onshore and offshore environments, unifying remote workforces scattered across the country has required the additional rigour and specialist knowledge from experienced IT managed service providers like ISN Solutions. As a result, the company has received an increase in requests from organisations outside of the energy sector to support their remote and distributed workforces and infrastructure throughout the pandemic.

David Greenwood, CEO at ISN Solutions, said: “We are thrilled to announce new partnerships with some great new clients and that we have retained all customers from the previous year.

“It is testament to our long-standing reputation in the energy sector, and to our unique market position that allows us to offer a tailored and flexible managed service, that we are trusted to help our new and existing clients navigate their journey through a rapidly changing IT security and infrastructure landscape and to meet constantly shifting business needs throughout a time of uncertainty and disruption.”

To find out how ISN Solutions can help you facilitate the transition to a secure, robust IT infrastructure that meets the needs of a remote workforce, take a look at our flexible and personalised range of IT support and consultancy services or contact our friendly team.