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Health and Safety Policy

ISN Solutions Ltd recognise that, the promotion of Health and Safety measures, as a mutual objective for management and employees at all levels, is critical to the success of the company’s business. ISN Solutions scope of service includes:

“Delivery of bespoke ICT services, solutions and consultancy to Energy Industry Organisations.”

The nature of our business activities demands a high level of experience, technical competence, reliability and quality. We embrace our responsibilities to establish the highest calibre technical and experiential capability in all aspects of our operations, maintaining an incident free environment to consistently deliver the highest technical and quality services, accepting our ethical and social responsibilities to all personnel, parties engaged or affected by our business activities.

In meeting its commitment ISN Solutions Ltd recognise and fully accept the statutory industry and legislative obligations placed upon them and endeavour to continuously exceed these requirements thus ensuring compliance with their intent.

All ISN Solutions Ltd personnel have a collective responsibility to ensure Health and Safety policies, regulations and standards are implemented to create and maintain a healthy and safe working environment. Our goals are simply stated:-

“No accident and No harm to individuals or damage to the environment.”

No phases of our services or administration, is or shall be considered more important than the provision of a safe working environment for our personnel and those who may be affected by our actions. With respect to health and safety ISN Solutions Ltd will ensure:-

  • Establish and maintain a safe and hygienic working environment.
  • Operate a Health and Safety Management System compliant with the requirements of ISO 45001:2018
  • Senior Management will implement continuous improvement by establishing a framework for setting the OH&S Objectives fostering continuous improvement.
  • Robust Risk and Hazard Assessments by competent personnel soliciting constructive collective input.
  • Consider the health, safety and welfare of our personnel and those affected by our activities and associated risks in every business decision.
  • Implementation of a robust Technical Competence Assurance Process.
  • Promote and support a proactive safety culture that pervades the operation.
  • Promote a positive health and safety improvement where we have a direct or indirect Influence.
  • Compliance with the industry standards and regulatory obligations.
  • Develop health and safety ownership and responsibility among our employees and contractors.
  • Provision of suitable communication of this policy, instruction and training to all personnel.
  • Establish an environment in which all personnel are empowered and encouraging a positive improvement consultation.
  • Embrace the principles of lateral learning and best practice application to realise optimum performance across our operations.

Acknowledging the overall responsibility for the health, safety and welfare of our organisation and personnel is vested in the Chief Executive, it is our clear expectation that all personnel will embrace and accept personal responsibility for their safety and to promote safe working practices, safety is considered the highest priority.

It is the company expectation that all personnel will embrace and accept personal responsibility for their safety and to promote safe working practices, safety must be considered the highest priority.

David Greenwood, Chief Executive

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