Today server virtualisation has moved on from being about consolidating multiple machines on less physical hardware. It now brings greater flexibility and reliability in infrastructure designs and opens up more options in designing infrastructure to deliver business requirements.

Yes, virtualisation does provide a platform to reduce server footprint, real estate costs and power and heating requirements but it also has a major role to play in:

  • Scaling performance – deploying applications faster and getting greater utilisation from underlying hardware
  • Enabling cloud topologies – architecture can now be agnostic about underlying hardware
  • Protecting data integrity – through affordable and reliable DR
  • Supporting service level agreements – by dramatically simplifying management and maintenance

Corporate applications like email, HR and accounts are already being converted to this model and the benefits are tangible. Oil and gas specific services and applications are following suit, as server virtualisation and private cloud makes IT more efficient by eliminating redundancy, optimising infrastructure costs and increasing operational efficiency.

As a leading partner with Citrix, Microsoft and VMware, ISN is able to build virtual architectures using the full spectrum of leading technologies and has helped several oil and gas companies deploy innovative infrastructure solutions.

We have massive experience integrating these solutions across corporate infrastructure and deploying as standalone projects for test and development or second site DR. Likewise, we are well seasoned in delivering the shared storage environments necessary to get the best out of server virtualisation.

If you would like to know more about our credentials in this field please contact us or speak to one of our experts about our experience in oil and gas.