Cloud computing promises a lot – decreased infrastructure cost, ubiquitous access to business applications and a flexible business model. Cutting through the sales speak to get to the true value of its role in oil and gas, requires effort and experience however.

In the area of upstream, opportunities like reservoir management, where there is still too much data, makes on-demand computing a good fit.

Virtualisation has brought cloud computing opportunities to the forefront and as other businesses exploit them, the oil and gas sector needs to figure out how it too can unlock value from the potential.

There are three main models for cloud computing:

  • Public – services delivered by a third party entity from a multi-tenant platform. Will not typically include comprehensive control or security features.
  • Private – a virtual infrastructure securely controlled and operated by the company with significant potential to expand and contract on-demand, as business requires. May span data centres, countries or even continents.
  • Hybrid – a mixed environment pulling on the best of both public and private cloud by matching security, performance and scalability characteristics to the demands of the requirement to be met.

Given existing investment in IT infrastructure, and concerns over security when sharing information, private cloud is the strongest direction for oil and gas companies. Nevertheless, there are still opportunities for both public and hybrid cloud to play a role, underlining the importance of determining the right environment to best serve the business.

ISN has lots of experience delivering real-world cloud environments that incorporate public, private and hybrid thinking and stand up to the test of oil and gas. Large or small we have worked with E&P companies of all sizes to design, build, test and implement platforms that achieve:

  • Lower IT costs through greatly improved resource utilisation
  • Better interoperability between applications
  • Enhanced collaboration
  • Rapid delivery of new IT services
  • Innovation without additional capital expenditure


If you want to explore what cloud could mean for your business or to hear more about our work in this arena please get in touch.