Oil and gas has established an inevitable dependency on data centre infrastructure. However, for upstream companies these environments have evolved into siloed architectures designed to meet specific needs like seismic processing, reservoir simulation and interpretation.

As the scale and complexity of oil and gas projects continue to grow, the limitations of this approach is obvious. Specialised silos lack flexibility, are costly to run and difficult to provision. Instead, next generation data centres require innovative solutions to deliver as much highly available, high performance compute power as required, while keeping environmental impact to a minimum.

ISN engineer data centres built around converged infrastructure solutions that provide uniform building blocks to simplify and accelerate infrastructure deployment. At the heart of these solutions are:

  • Standardised designs for ease and speed of deployment
  • Readiness for high density computing environments
  • Robust availability characteristics
  • Options to co-locate GPU and visualisation technologies
  • Consistent user experience whether out in the field or back at HQ
  • Cost efficiency over the lifecycle of the data centre and its equipment
  • Minimal carbon footprint

Every data centre we design and build meets internationally recognised reliability, resilience, and availability benchmarks. Furthermore, we are equally at home commissioning your data centre on-premise or identifying suitable third party facilities on your behalf. And if you are looking to further exploit the cloud we can help you access all your data centres from anywhere in the world.

Should you require, call upon ISN experts to manage the data, systems and the network infrastructure, freeing your own IT and data analysts to focus on value-adding activities for exploration and production.

So, if you are looking to build a new data centre why not get a second opinion on your plans? Take a look at who we work with and what they say. 15 years E&P experience is ready and waiting, just get in touch.