Whilst not glamorous, making sure the IT equipment you need is purchased at the best price and gets to where it is needed fast is pretty important to the business as usual operation of the oil and gas IT function.

While we maintain a high level of expertise, backed by technical accreditations, in the solutions offered by many of the world’s leading IT and communications vendors, one of our main strengths is the experience needed to select the right solution to meet our clients’ IT and communications requirements. We value our impartiality more highly than our relationship with any vendor, and are proud of our track record in helping clients navigate the increasingly complex IT and comms choices available, to solve business problems, prioritise our clients goals over needs and gas companies across the globe.

We help our clients:

  • buy at the best prices
  • obtain the most favourable commercial terms
  • take a more strategic approach to sourcing ITC products and services
  • set up demonstration suites for proof of concept
  • gain access to the best technical expertise available

Working alongside your IT supply chain and contracts departments we help you source the right equipment at the right price to any part of the world.

Should you require, we can even take responsibility for the end-to-end sourcing of all your technology needs, providing a back-office team entrusted to see everything is bought in line with procurement best practice.

Why not talk to us and put us to the test? We have already saved clients as much as $1m by taking a different approach to buying high-value services essential in the oil industry.