It’s easy to get swamped with ‘business as usual’ tasks like supporting your users and maintaining existing systems. Inevitably, this happens to the detriment of innovation and important strategic projects asked of the IT department.

To satisfy this challenge we offer a range of outsourced support services that:

  • Take care of the heavy lifting associated with delivering your day-to-day IT requirements
  • Meet the global demands of the oil and gas industry, supporting users in the office or out in the field
  • Are ITIL compliant and based on industry best-practice
  • Provide access to a large pool of skilled professionals
  • Call upon vendors’ highest levels of technical help
  • Can be activated immediately

We hold leading accreditation with many of the world’s leading IT and communications vendors, particularly those relied upon by oil and gas companies across the globe.  We understand the challenges and nuances associated with delivering support to companies operating in the industry, so you can be confident that any transition of support responsibility will be simple and straightforward. This knowledge also means once we are up and running we can expedite fixes quickly and pre-empt issues before they cause long lasting impact to your business.


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