Our thinking on IT infrastructure strategy stems from a genuine desire to help our customers get their work done in the confidence that their core infrastructure will satisfy requirements now, whilst providing a foundation for growth in the future.

ISN’s knowledge spans every element of IT infrastructure key to the functioning of your business:

  • Systems, server and compute resources
  • Network fabric and communications technology
  • Storage and Data Management
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

As an independent specialist we have no allegiance to specific vendors or technologies and make all our recommendations on the merits as they relate to your individual needs and challenges.

We have worked with oil and gas companies at all stages of maturity, helping companies with existing infrastructure and in need of transformation as well as fast-growing ventures looking for the right foundation to underpin their IT.

With so much choice, our real-world oil and gas experience is invaluable in cutting through the ‘FUD’ and taking the guesswork out of making the right decisions when navigating the complexities of modern infrastructure design.