Unifying communications and improving collaboration across oil and gas companies has game-changing potential. The chance to effectively link all people and assets together both onshore and offshore to improve the quality and speed of decision making is a tantalising prospect.

  • Studies have shown that 27% of drilling projects are temporarily halted due to workers not able to reach the right people or get information to make decisions.
  • Rigs cost up to $1m per day and temporary interruptions caused by delayed decision-making may account for up to 10 hours lost production per month per rig.
  • There are fewer highly experienced “troubleshooters,” who travel the world, helping to solve problems that threaten the viability of drilling projects.

ISN helps upstream oil and gas companies improve communication and collaboration with technology that empowers people to come together in many different places.

Mobility – wired and wireless networks, the ability for the user to keep working regardless of device

Presence – intelligence in the network, extended to multiple devices to identify status of the user

Policy – find me, follow me rules based on the user preference and work style

Video – rich media collaboration – for full visibility of the interaction

Consequently, drillers at the well-site are connected with geoscientists and engineers at base and all are enabled to work continuously across multiple platforms and devices, using instant messaging, screen sharing, web and video conferencing, and shared workspaces – on premises or in the cloud.

By adding intelligence to communications, we overcome the digital divide that exists between the rig and headquarters to:

  • Reduced drilling downtime by improving decision making
  • Connect the experts with well site problems and put knowledge at the point of activity
  • Unite mobile and remote employees with the entire organisation
  • Eliminate costly and unnecessary business travel
  • Streamline voice, data, and video into one IP-based system that grows with the needs of the company
  • Protect key information assets, even when accessed remotely
  • Improve collaboration via HD conferencing tools

If you want to uncover more about unified communication and collaboration technologies, and the work we have undertaken for other E&P companies please contact us.