It is hard to imagine places more inaccessible than the Campos Basin (offshore, Brazil) or the Russkoe Field (above the Arctic Circle in Russia) but working locations like this are commonplace in upstream oil and gas. However, like many other businesses, considerable numbers of oil and gas workers need to work remotely in more mainstream locations too, be that at home or the airport.

Oil and gas companies have therefore looked to technology solutions to manage these distances and obstacles to keep their people connected from the moment they leave the office. Matching the right technologies to the need is a skill in itself and one we have much experience in – the result of countless projects delivered around the world.

Working with global and domain specific vendors alike, ISN has helped oil and gas companies implement a number of remote working and mobility solutions that deliver:

  • Anytime, anywhere working
  • Remote access to visualisation applications
  • Secure sharing of data
  • Improved communications and staff collaboration
  • Mobilisation of applications

The cornerstone of these solutions is consistent user experience, so no matter where staff are, or what device they are using, they can continue to be productive and access the same services they would expect inside the office.

If you are looking at how to improve remote access or are underway with a project and want some impartial advice please contact us. Alternatively, why not evaluate some of these solutions at our London demonstration lab and get valuable insight into proven technologies worthy of consideration.