Microsoft Office 365 is a Software-as-a-Service offering which provides access to various services and tools built around the Microsoft Office platform. Delivered from a Microsoft data centre, users can either access applications through their traditional desktop experience or using web apps via a browser.

Office 365 presents a compelling opportunity for oil and gas companies to offload time consuming and resource hungry services like email and client-side application maintenance to a heavy weight service provider for a predictable, recurring monthly cost and delivered to SLA’s which most organisations would be hard pushed to meet.

The Office 365 suite comprises of:

  • Office applications
  • Instant messaging
  • Conferencing
  • File sharing

Thankfully, as a subscription service Office 365 means no more licensing headaches or complicated software agreements. It also removes concerns over DR, data storage and compute to drive critical environments like email. Finally, it enables users with the latest tools to be more productive and enhance collaboration across the company.

Office 365 is not however, all things to all people. ISN can help you evaluate how best to implement it and identify where it is appropriate for your business:

  • Impact analysis to understand where benefits can be realised
  • Creation of a migration strategy
  • Recommendations when Office 365 is not a suitable option
  • Training for using new productivity tools such as Lync, presence and instant messaging

If you would like to understand more about Office 365 or investigate the potential benefits for your business get in touch.