Desktop virtualisation has the potential to be a powerful agent for change in oil and gas.  Breaking the dependency on end-user devices, limited security at the end-point and locally stored data, means an enhanced infrastructure that improves decision making and contributes to faster, more efficient drilling and pumping.

With the need to support sites as diverse as offshore oilrigs, remote offices and urban corporate headquarters, whilst blending the demands of specialised technical teams, it is essential to deploy the right virtualisation infrastructure.

ISN understand these challenges and build fit-for-purpose virtual desktop environments that:

  • Meet every user workstyle and offer high quality user experience
  • Enable data to flow all over the world but never leave the data centre
  • Strengthen DR response and improve availability
  • Allow fast response to changing requirements
  • Drastically reduce the cost of providing desktop infrastructure across an oil and gas company
  • Deliver high-Performance collaboration for interpretation and visualisation applications
  • Provide genuine VDI to remote locations without incurring exorbitant connectivity costs or local IT expertise

Drawing on real domain experience we have the know-how to design solutions that will stand up to the most demanding oil and gas environments.  We engineer everything from host hardware, through sizing shared storage to optimising network connectivity accomplishing the very best performance for applications and services regardless of user location.

If you would like to see one of our solutions in action please contact us.  Alternatively, take a look at the work we undertook for Summit Petroleum to learn more about value of deploying VDI and remote access solutions.  Of course, if you have questions in the meantime or would like some advice, just call.