Whilst you might not be ready to run your entire operation through the cloud there may be discrete services or tasks which would benefit from strict SLAs, help save time or protect capital expenditure if delivered by an experienced service provider.

ISN has worked with oil and gas companies to complement on-premise IT systems with a variety of cloud services including:

  • Online back-up
  • Email anti-virus, anti-spam and archiving
  • Email continuity and failover
  • Test and development environments
  • Web hosting

We mitigate the risk of migrating services to the cloud by ensuring you are fully prepared and the service is the best possible fit for your business requirements. ISN can help:

  • Evaluate where cloud services could offer most impact
  • Construct your tender or prepare your project brief
  • Choose the right supplier and undertake robust due diligence
  • Negotiate commercial best value
  • Oversee service migration
  • Manage ongoing supplier relations

For advice or guidance on moving services to the cloud contact us to speak with one of our experts.