Demographic and labour issues facing the oil and gas sector brings into sharp focus the need and indeed potential to make employees at every level of the business more productive in order to close the gap between human capital and resources.

The application of technology is a powerful mechanism for accelerating employee productivity. Remote access, mobile working and unified communications including collaboration all have a part to play in enabling the digital oil field, whether workers are based on-shore or off-shore.

Our long heritage working with oil and gas companies means we can help make the best possible use of these technologies to:

  • Improve visual, voice, and data communication with the field for more rapid, analytical responses by a mix of staff regardless of proximity to asset
  • Operate with significantly fewer resources and scale the existing resources more effectively
  • Enhance mobile communication across field, management and executive levels
  • Enable increased transparency of information and better information flow between field and office workers
  • Stay globally connected 24/7 and facilitate onshore and offshore teams to work as a collective operating unit
  • See faster operating pictures and breakaway from localised data retention for more simple, centralised data access

The benefits of technology deployed to improve worker productivity are far reaching including field optimisation, improved safety, staff welfare, cost reduction, and production enhancement.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss further with you our experiences in this field and options you may wish to investigate on behalf of your own business. Please get in touch and speak to one of our resident experts or explore the various services we offer to discover more.

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