Productivity-defeating latency issues are the scourge of upstream IT departments managing their WANs the world over.

Overcoming connectivity headaches and maximising on low-bandwidth connections commonplace in satellite comms, all have a bearing on the performance of your WAN, and the ability of your workers to do their jobs.

ISN has a wealth of experience deploying WAN links across the globe. We also have a deep understanding of acceleration and optimisation technologies so we can help you:

  • Select and design solutions against industry best practice
  • Get more performance over low-bandwidth connections
  • Enable the remote use of geoscience applications at the well site
  • Account for special considerations in WAN design such as MPLS specific rules which hamper the use of optimisation

We work with cutting-edge technology from Citrix and Riverbed and can draw upon a variety of proven reference architectures successfully deployed on behalf of our customers.