The worldwide SCADA market for the oil and gas industry is expanding as upstream development and new production occurs in remote and newly developed regions.

In tandem, existing operators of oil and gas infrastructure are making better use of the enhanced functionalities of SCADA to improve core business processes of managing global disparate assets.

The importance of industrial control systems of this kind to E&P, the close connection between oil and gas and national interests, combined with the disdain of some for the industry itself makes SCADA systems an attractive target to those wishing to inflict damage or cease the operations of oil and gas companies.

We help you protect your critical infrastructure with the highest grade SCADA security gateway from Waterfall. This unique SCADA security architecture offers:

  • Complete protection against external cyber-attacks – by preventing session initiation with a target network node – a hacker’s first point of entry
  • No data backflow – unidirectional data flow, regardless of the applications being used guarantees information security and keeps it in the hands of the authorised
  • Non-routable protocols – preventing the extraction of messages or information to undesired or unplanned destinations
  • Integral application white-listing – permitting the pass of authorised data and protocols only. If it is not authorised it does not pass.

Importantly, all protection measures happen in real-time and at high-speed with zero effect on user experience or productivity. Likewise, implementing this technology ensures compliance with NERC-CIP-005 requirements and provides true cyber-security to all critical assets residing within your defined perimeter.

If it’s time to re-examine the security surrounding your SCADA control systems contact us. We can help review your current protection and keep you on top of ever-evolving threats to your assets.