Oil companies typically operate from multiple offices and onshore or offshore locations around the world and need cost-effective, efficient means of exchanging data between those sites.

LAN and WAN design is pivotal in the successful delivery of IT services across the company, particularly when uncompromising factors like offshore and remote locations, low bandwidth or satellite connectivity and operations in developing countries stand in the way.

ISN help oil and gas companies implement networks that provide for the important balance of availability, security, flexibility, and manageability required to meet current and future technology needs.

Our approach is born from extensive real-world practice and proven design principles. Combined with our knowledge of the technologies available and their limitations, the result is intelligent network choices, mitigated risk and acceptable costs, so you meet:

  • Anticipated network traffic
  • Redundancy requirements
  • User movement and mobility
  • Future growth demands
  • Security necessities
  • Budgetary considerations

Whether you are looking at a new branch network or bringing together multiple locations together as one network, tap into our extensive experience including:


  • Structured Cabling
  • Wireless
  • Switching, routing and VLANs
  • Building fit-out – head office, country office, supply base, drilling camp or rig


  • Multiple site connectivity using wireless, copper, fibre and microwave solutions
  • Private networks, MPLS and VPN

To learn more about our LAN and WAN Network Design services speak to one of our consultants.