Upstream oil and gas exploration and production relies on the ability to make fast decisions to sustain revenue generation and reduce costs. This is only achieved by instant or near instant voice and data communication.

However, this is tough to accomplish given these activities generally occur where wire links are not practical. The challenge therefore, is how best to enable these operations with the connectivity and services they require as, put simply, no comms means higher costs.

ISN is well seasoned in the implementation of fast and reliable voice and data networks that connect remote land-based drilling operations or offshore drilling platforms with the rest of your corporate IT network.

We help you meet the bandwidth-hungry needs of today’s oil and gas operations,whether they include business applications, real-time data, control system data, safety information, or crew welfare, through a combination of services and solutions that optimise existing links and build a more modern network fabric that:

  • Delivers substantial financial savings caused by lost productivity or high costs incurred through network failure
  • Improves service quality by prioritisation of voice and data streams
  • Better utilises bandwidth across remote connection services
  • Automates many of the bandwidth management tasks
  • Enables faster resolution of incidents through a Managed Service

To find out more explore the various network services we offer or speak to one of our oil and gas experts about your specific challenges.

Networks Services from ISN