Whilst VSAT is a critical component of getting your rig, vessel or site operational with the IT and communication services required, it is frequently overlooked by ICT teams as an opportunity to make significant cost savings.

FACT – Better management of VSAT improves services and saves lots

By following four simple steps we recently helped one independent operator significantly improve service performance and save over $500K per year on a three year VSAT agreement, plus reduce their rig call charges by over 50%.  Here’s how:

1. Avoid duplicate infrastructures

In itself, a VSAT connection is a fairly inexpensive item in the scheme of getting a wellsite producing. Connections are generally commissioned by asset and as such, multiple assets typically leads to multiple independent communication infrastructures.  This means more to manage, more that can go wrong and less bargaining power with the service providers.

2. Intelligent design

Nothing costs like a dead VSAT connection.  Exploration or production grinds to a halt as assets go dark, crew welfare is compromised and the spotlight is well and truly shone on the ICT team.  Instead of creating independent infrastructures, consolidating services and sharing infrastructure not only saves money but adds resiliency too.

3. Smarter provider selection

Consolidating infrastructures and sourcing connectivity on behalf of multiple assets will help you negotiate better commercials with the providers. In our experience, with more at stake and a greater opportunity, service providers are ready to consider alternative procurement models and better rates.  Sourcing some of these services locally, in-country will also help achieve better value, contribute to corporate responsibility objectives and inevitably lead to improved response times in the event of issues.

4. Optimised Infrastructures

Optimising your VSAT connections will help get more out of what you have, even where low-bandwidth connections exist.  New networking technologies that compress, cache and prioritise traffic dramatically improve utilisation so you can quite literally do more with less.

As a specialist ICT provider to the oil and gas sector we’ve been working with VSAT connections for more than two decades.  Aligned with your goals as the operator, we are motivated to make sure you have the best possible field site communications strategy, helping you get the best performance from your VSAT service at the best possible price.

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