Upstream oil and gas is a highly data intensive sector. Rich datasets such as those produced from 3D or 4D seismic surveys, create vast amounts of unstructured data and an unparalleled need for storage. Add in business-as-usual data, and it is easy to see how the storage resources of oil and gas companies can quickly become complex and slow if not managed closely.

Data created across the E&P value chain also needs to be turned into actionable insight. Obstacles to analysis caused by poorly performing systems, access challenges or availability means delays and in turn greater commercial implications. An intelligent approach to storage and storage management is therefore indispensable and will help you achieve:

Data assurance – through improved availability, better performance, easier compliance reporting, headroom for growth and more robust DR

Data reduction – the result of optimised storage resources, policies to match data to the most suitable media and sensible steps to avoid data bloating and duplication

ISN has many years’ experience building scalable, reliable, efficient and cost-effective storage platforms. We can formulate a pragmatic strategy that meets your precise data storage needs, tackling your immediate challenges whilst preparing you for the future, dealing with data storage in a sustainable, cost effective way.

If you have a storage project in the pipeline or are interested in examining how you could better align and manage your resources contact us to speak with one of our experts.