The oil and gas industry is data-driven. It depends on technology to increase the speed of finding oil, enhancing its production and mitigating health, safety and environmental risks that come with equipment failure or operator error.

Data storage is therefore a perpetual challenge for oil and gas companies, in part because of the sheer scale of data created from day-to-day operations, which can run into petabytes of real-time unstructured data, but also because this data must be accessible and ready for interpretation.

It is not uncommon for upstream operators to encounter regular storage capacity challenges, whether through data locked up in desktop applications that cannot easily be shared, or through lack of a clear plan for scale-out deployment of Big Data technology.

ISN has helped many oil and gas operators to be better prepared for the rigours of a data-driven industry by enhancing shared storage infrastructure through a mix of:

  • Efficient and hardware accelerated storage
  • Enterprise-class data management and protection
  • Matching storage media to the data to be protected

We add real operational value by helping oil and gas companies meet the storage dilemmas of here and now whilst giving them the choice to embrace Big Data technology without the need to ‘rip and replace’ previous investments. The result is an infrastructure that:

  • Scales easily – to accommodate the rapidly growing data sets from seismic imaging techniques for the data acquisition, processing, or interpretation phases
  • Consolidates petabytes of data – onto a single platform with a common set of management tools
  • Accommodates applications running on all operating systems – even when they are accessing the same dataset
  • Offers more than just performance – by reducing the discovery process by days or even weeks by avoiding bottlenecks

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