In upstream oil and gas, maintaining operations is everything. You cannot afford for a well site to lose communications and ‘go dark’, for data centre systems to go offline or for key workers to be without the tools they need to get their job done, as everything from production to brand image can suffer.

We are experts in engineering platforms that deliver high availability, that meet the demands of the oil and gas industry, including solutions for:

  • Data centre infrastructure
  • Branch offices and camps
  • Storage architecture
  • Data and voice networks and communications

Using the latest technologies, including failover, in-system redundancy, virtualisation, data replication and storage snap shots, we make certain the right levels of resilience are in place to be sure IT continues to play its important role in your operation.

In the event they encounter an outage or application problem, our clients can call on our service desk 24/7 for rapid remediation.

If you are in flight with a project and are keen to ensure that the very best high availability features are baked into your solution, let us take a look. Alternatively, speak to one of our in-house experts for insight into the projects we have undertaken for other oil and gas companies.