All companies have file, database and email data to contend with, but oil and gas companies also need to manage large stores of data generated by exploration activity.

With much of this occurring in three and four dimensions, seismic data creates some of the most challenging archiving, backup and data management scenarios of any industry.

We build solutions that meet the long-term data protection and data management needs of the upstream oil and gas industry. Our advanced data architectures:

  • Ensure your data is secure and available right the way through its lifecycle
  • Safeguard data and facilitate retrieval in the event of an outage or disaster
  • Create interoperability between live and legacy systems
  • Remove data silos created by asset or campaign
  • Add scale and performance like never before
  • Overcome data duplication, corruption, loss and media deterioration
  • Unite people and information without having to move data around or invest in costly, unproven solutions
  • Mitigate challenges surrounding communication bandwidth limitations
  • Unlock operational knowledge and business intelligence from raw data

Using proven technology from industry leading data management vendors, combined with our best-practice implementation services – the product of real domain experience – we create the storage, management and disaster recovery (DR) platforms that enable oil and gas exploration and production companies to maximise value from the data they possess.

To learn more about how we can help you to better handle and protect your data, take a look at the services and solutions we deliver. Alternatively contact us and speak to one of our industry experts.

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