Managing the software in use across your estate is a chore, yet essential task.  It’s not easy to discover which software is in use, by whom and indeed, which applications are potentially redundant.  Add to that, the on-going process of patching, updating or replacing applications and this task quickly becomes unwieldy for the average IT team to contend with.

Failing to tackle the matter is costly, however.  For oil and gas companies, who typically have lots of applications, including heavy-duty software for engineering, finance and geoscience, over-licensing can become a real problem.  We have encountered companies who have inadvertently over licensed certain applications, incurring additional software fees to the tune of £100k’s.

Such is the frequency that software applications are patched, updated or replaced, the role of distribution tools like Microsoft System Center is invaluable in keeping your estate up-to-date.  However, their use is predicated on applications being packaged for distribution to remove conflicts and minimise bugs.  With such a large number of applications commonly in use at oil and gas companies, application packaging is practically a continuous exercise.  And with users often distributed across many sites or even countries, right-first-time application packaging plays an important part in enabling users to keep functioning.

Unfortunately, getting application packaging right can feel like a dark art.  Specialist expertise in this domain is hard to come by and often expensive to recruit.  This is reflected in the outsourcing costs of the task, also.  Oftentimes, the results can be unpredictable, especially given the size of some oil and gas applications and if those undertaking the packaging have little prior knowledge of the software, or its use in your company.  The result is time spent troubleshooting, only adding to the expense.

Wrestle things back into shape

We’ve been auditing software estates and packaging applications for the oil and gas industry for years.  During this time we’ve amassed vast experience and built a valuable reference library of typical installs for the software commonly found in upstream oil and gas.  This brings valuable benefits:

  • Discovery – using tools you may already have in place we can help you discover the software you have installed and learn what is being used and what isn’t.
  • Speed – on average we can test, deliver and troubleshoot an application in 3-4 days, well below the industry average for such a task.  It’s because we’re not starting from scratch each time we need to package an application.
  • Familiarity – we’re used to working with the applications important to your business including geoscience and geophysical software as well as the unusual configurations that surround them for security. It means less errors and a higher first time success rate for packaged applications.
  • Saving – the result is money saved managing your software estate, both in licensing costs you may recoup from uninstalling redundant applications, as well as a reduction in the cost of application packaging expertise.

We are able to deliver these services to you as a point-in-time project, or as an on-going managed service to help you better control and manage your software estate.

If you would like to know more about our software management and application packaging services please contact us to speak with one of the team.