Afren plc

During August 2007, the development team at Afren plc initiated a voice and data communications project to be used on its Floating Production, Storage and Offloading vessel (FPSO) the Armada Perkasa.

The FPSO was to be the primary crude oil production, storage and export facility at the Okoro Setu Project, offshore Nigeria. It was currently lying at a shipyard in Singapore.

Afren’s IT consultants, ISN Solutions Ltd, were asked to provide consultancy help with the IT and communications work to allow the FPSO to sail, if possible, by the end of October 2007.

Despite this very tight timeline and limited available information, ISN accepted the challenge, realising that this was a hugely important development project for Afren. ISN were well placed to help , having had years of experience in designing, supplying and installing the IT and communications requirements for oil and gas exploration and production worldwide.

ISN assigned a Senior Project Manager to the project. He hit the ground running and quickly embarked on a requirements gathering exercise within the Afren project team and also the operators of the FPSO. Once the full project requirements were complete, a systems solution was designed by ISN around Afren in-house IT standards. Once the design was agreed upon by the project team, the work was partitioned into three distinct parts:

  • Several global VSAT suppliers were invited to bid for the work and a 3 year term contract was awarded.
  • The data and networking systems were procured and tested at ISN’s London facility prior to being sent to Singapore for installation on the Armada Perkasa.
  • The IT project team, all equipment and all third party suppliers then reconvened in Singapore in November 2007 in order to complete the installation work at the Keppel shipyard, and the system was successfully tested prior to sailing for Nigeria.

Despite a high chance of failure to meet the deadline, ISN pulled out the stops to assist an important client meet a very important business goal. It was simply a matter of getting the work done, whatever the cost to reputations.

It wasn’t easy but ISN delivered exactly what we asked.

Patrick Cherlet, Director, Afren