iProdTech is a petroleum engineering consultancy set up by technically respected individuals to provide high quality client focused solutions that enhance the value of companies operating within the sector.

Located in London and Aberdeen, their expertise spans a range of disciplines including production technology, Integrated Asset Modelling and reservoir engineering.

As a young business, iProdTech’s internal IT systems had simply grown as new people joined the company.  With only a small staff, supporting these systems and the users had fallen to Eoin McPherson, one of the company’s directors.

With the business growing rapidly and ambitious plans, the task of supporting the systems in-house was becoming too onerous. iProdtech decided to transition the ownership and development of its IT to ISN as a recognised industry expert.

“I have a company that is very knowledgeable in the field of IT and the technology we need to harness, complemented with first class experience of the oil and gas industry”

Eoin McPherson, iProdtech
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